Frequently Asked Questions

Does your business require our services?

Yes. All licensed businesses in Alberta are legally required to have portable extinguishers installed on their premises as outlined in the Alberta Fire Safety Code. This code also specifies the size and quantity of fire extinguishers based on the square footage of the premises and the specific hazards present.

How often should a portable fire extinguisher be checked by a licensed technician?

All portable fire extinguishers located in a commercial building must be inspected annually by a licensed technician, as outlined by the Alberta Fire Safety Code. We provide a followup call each year at the appropriate time, to remind you that your fire extinguishers need to be inspected and re-certified.

The specific maintenance required is based on the year the extinguisher was manufactured:

  • All portable fire extinguishers must be recharged and all parts thoroughly inspected every 6 years by a licensed technician.
  • Every 12 years, the fire extinguisher must be hydro tested for structural integrity and recharged.
  • Brand new fire extinguishers must be certified by a licensed technician.

How much does it cost for a yearly re-certification?

The annual certification is $10.00 per portable fire extinguisher, and includes tags and tamper seals.

If other services are required, such as recharging, hydro testing or repairs, the fee will be based on the size and type of the unit.

We provide loaner fire extinguishers at no additional cost, if yours require servicing.

Can you recycle your outdated or non-compliant extinguishers?

Our company believes in servicing/repairing extinguishers whenever possible to reduce environmental impact providing they can remain compliant.

We can safely dispose of any non-compliant equipment. A recycling disposal fee will apply based on the size and type of extinguishers.